Books, books, and more books: 6 tips for dealing with book overload

Sell Them: Books are easy to sell online as you don’t have to take photographs, etc. is my favorite source for selling. On Amazon, just look up the book you want to sell. IN the top right hand area you will see where it says, “Have one to sell? Click here.” Follow the instructions and you are up and running in no time. Another source is

Swap Them: If you have a group of people in your community, consider forming a local book swap. Or you can try an online book swap such as or

Contribute Them: Most of the time, my books end up at the local library. I bring in several boxes and make the librarians day! This also ensures that many people have the opportunity to enjoy these books. Ask for a “receipt” from the library if you would like to use this as a charitable contribution on your taxes.

Let it Travel: has come up with a fun idea! When you sign on you get a ready-made label to place on your book and then leave it in a public place. The sticker contains instructions on how whomever picks it up can report it on their thoughts and where the book ended up. The goal is to follow your books as they travel around the world. It is a fun way to see how much impact one kind gesture can have.

Freecycle them: Freecycle allows you to post items you are ready to give away. This is a great way to find and give items. You can learn more and find a group at

Support Our Troops: Books for soldiers ( is all about sending care packages for the mind. Soldiers make request and you can send care packages directly to them. There are many areas to interact with our troops we well. The University at Albany keeps a directory of book donation programs worldwide, including tips on how to donate at

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