Good Morning! Accept Praise With Ease And Grace

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“Praise does not say you are perfect. It says I admire you and what you have accomplished and what I know you will go on to do. Praise is the food of the soul.”
~ Wayne Dyer

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Good morning!

So often when we are given a compliment, we brush it off or have problems absorbing the kind words of others. We may be able to give since compliments, but absorbing them is another matter indeed. What I like about today’s quote is that it removes that pressure of perfection. When someone compliments you- they don’t think you are perfect – no one is that naive. It means that they admire you or something you have done. Don’t short change yourself by deflecting kind words. We live in a world where not enough kind words are said – so absorb each one that comes your way.

Your turn: Today – absorb with a simple “thank you” each compliment that comes your way. And while you’re at it–offer sincere praise to at least 3 others throughout the day.

Your affirmation: I am worth each compliment I receive and I accept them with grace.

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