Good Morning: Create Simplicity, Harmony and Opportunity

Good Morning,

Debbie was kind enough to share two quotes by Einstein, the first of which I used yesterday. This quote is equally brilliant and revealing in that it succinctly defines a
basic strategy and approach that can benefit any life area.
“Out of clutter, find simplicity.” We all know that it is easier to operate well and be effective when we are in peaceful versus chaotic surroundings. Our surroundings influence our thought patterns, attitudes and general energy level. A desk full of piles
induces stress and saps energy, whereas a clean and organized work area allows us to focus on the task at hand. Likewise if our homes are messy or disorganized, much of our energy is spent worrying about organizing or searching for some missing object. When our surroundings are peaceful, we are able to enjoy the surroundings and spend that energy focusing on family.
“From discord, find harmony.” It can be more difficult to uncover the practical application of this second rule, but after thinking about it at length I discovered what it means to me. “Discord” is usually found in our relationship to another person. There is a clash or a conflict or a general tension. When we can identify a relationship where we are experiencing discord, we can also identify the opposite of that relationship. We can ask ourselves, “What would harmony look like?” And further, “What steps do I need to take to work toward harmony?” We can also experience discord in our mind and our general daily activities. If we find ourselves frustrated or down on a given day that is discord. Nine times out of ten, those emotions are born from not being true to our core
values. We find harmony by living in tune with our core values and passions.
“In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity.” Often when faced with difficulty we become overwhelmed or let the difficulty influence our overall outlook. We can reframe how we look at difficulty. Each time we face a challenge, instead of becoming bogged down in negativity we can ask, “What can I learn here that will improve me as a person? What skill can I develop? What new experiences await me if I learn how to proactively deal with this difficulty?” Looking at the problem never gets us closer to the solution–looking at the opportunity does.
Your Turn:
These three “rules of work” could well be the rules of contentment, happiness and a rich life. They are three easy to remember practices that we can engage in regularly if we keep them present in our mind. Copy down these rules and post them where you will see them often. Ask yourself, “What do each of these rules mean to me?” Choose one rule to work with first and take a step toward implementing it in your life today.
Your Affirmation:
I create simplicity, harmony and opportunity.

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And as always, don’t forget to start your day with a heartfelt: “Something great is going to happen today… I can’t wait to see what it is!”

And when ending your day ask yourself: “What is one more thing I can do to make today matter?

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