Good Morning: Live in the Moment

“Life just is. You have to flow with it. Give yourself to the moment. Let it happen.”
 ~Governor Jerry Brown
Today’s quote offers some great advice. One of my biggest challenges has been relinquishing control. As an
entrepreneur, I am inherently someone who likes to control… EVERYTHING! Those who feel too much control, also often feel responsible for the feelings and/or actions of others. This is a difficult path to tread on.

Several years ago, I finally came to the slow realization that the only person I could control was myself. There were many people I wanted to help or influence, but ultimately, I can only put my “best” out there. Each person can then take it or leave it. I am not responsible for others’ decisions or actions.

While relinquishing control is difficult, it is also extremely freeing. It’s as if a weight lifts off of your shoulders when you truly internalize the fact that you are only accountable for you. The less time you spend trying to control external circumstances, the more time you can spend “giving yourself to the moment.”
Your Turn:
In what ways are you trying to exert control in your life? How would it feel to relinquish that control?
Your Affirmation:
I am not responsible for the thoughts and actions of others.

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