Good Morning: Turn it All Off

“To poke a wood fire is more solid enjoyment than almost anything else in the world.”
~Charles Dudley Warner
How many times have you found yourself getting angry at a disobedient computer? What about getting tired of a ringing phone? Have you ever head a child get frustrated with a video game? Do you have a spouse or child (or does your) cell phone seem to ring incessantly? Just as we choose to have these technologies that “make our life easier” (said tongue in cheek), we can also choose to turn them all off once in a while.
In Wisconsin we have many thunderstorms and with them many power outages. We are all amazed at how quiet the house is when the power goes out. There isn’t any “hum” or electronics, beeping instant messengers, radios or televisions left on–just silence. We navigate the house by candlelight and flashlight without the option of electronics. Depending on what we were doing at the time of the power outage, it is sometimes frustrating. Yet after 10-20 minutes without electricity, we all slow down, and then start laughing and talking. (The only part that is truly frustrating is resetting all the digital clocks in the house!)
After a particularly stormy spring, I began to miss the storms and our “quiet time.” As a result I began scheduling “power outages” once a week for our family. Once a week we turn it “all off.” Once a week we slow down and enjoy. Try implementing an electricity and phone-free night in your home once per week or month. If your family won’t join you (although young kids quickly embrace the idea) do it a couple hours one day when you are home alone. Create a time and space for life to be simple.
Your Turn:
Choose a time this week to “turn it all off” and enjoy quality time without interruptions either by yourself or with your family.
Your Daily Affirmation:
Each week I take time to rejuvenate and connect by turning off technology and turning on heartfelt communication.

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