Good Morning: You’ve Got to Respect Yourself

"The mistake we make is when we seek to be loved, instead of
loving." -Charlotte Yonge  

Good morning! 

I think one of the hardest lessons to learn in life is complete
unconditional love and acceptance of self. Often, it is easier to
seek love from others than from ourselves--for we are the ones most
hard on ourselves, magnifying each "flaw." But as we have all heard
time and time again, we cannot love another person or be loved by
another person COMPLETELY, until we first love ourselves.

What is self-love? Many times we have a hard time with this concept
because we confuse self-love with selfishness. Self-love doesn't
mean always putting ourselves first or living "our way." Self-love
is treating ourselves with the same compassion, forgiveness and
acceptance that we would our dear friends and family.  Our friends
and family will undoubtedly make mistakes, and we will forgive
them. They will undoubtedly stumble, and we will encourage them.
But, do we do those same things for ourselves? Do we forgive
ourselves? Do we encourage ourselves? Do we look in the mirror and
say "I CAN!" ?

Your Turn:
This week, practice treating yourself with the kindness, compassion
and encouragement with which you treat others.
Your affirmation: 
I am worth complete and total love, right now, just as I am.

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