Faith Matters

I have always wanted to write studies to help women not only study the word of God but live the word of God. This year I started creating Faith Matters studies. Each month I design a new in-depth study. Faith Matters provides a simple way to stay present with our faith by exploring questions of today with the wisdom of God’s word. Each study is broken into bite-size doses of daily devotion, providing questions and reflection space to apply God’s Word to your life..

So far I have created four in all:

  • Reconnecting with God
  • Letting Go of Worry, Stress, Anxiety and Depression
  • A Path of Purpose
  • Living God’s Word

You can learn more about Faith Matters studies or download them here.


Reconnecting with God

Any relationship can be challenging to maintain in today’s busy life. Ask Reconnecting with Goda woman how many close friends she has and most women can easily count them on one hand. Why? A close relationship requires a resource in tight supply for many–time. Combine that with life’s challenges and upsets and sometimes relationships are shaken or shattered. This study explores what happens when our relationship with God is shaken. How do we reconnect? What does the Bible say?

This study is divided into 14 daily doses of devotion. Topics of exploration include:

  • Reasons We Lose Touch
  • Letting Go
  • Doubt
  • Searching for God
  • Regrets and Mistakes

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