Good Morning: Pick Your Battles

 “Pick battles big enough to matter, small enough to win.”

~Jonathan Kozol
Submitted by Good Morning Reader Debbie Schwer
In the email that accompanied this quote, Debbie wrote: “I’ve always heard to pick your battles with your kids, but am looking at this from a new perspective now – picking my battles with my to-do list.  What really matters?  What is doable?” Debbie has hit a very valid point that is essential to living in balance. We need to challenge our routines instead of doing them on autopilot and choose what matters. Life isn’t about getting everything done – life is about completing what matters. Do not fill up your to-do list with so much “clutter” that you can’t complete the tasks that give life meaning.
Your Turn:
At every turn ask yourself … does this matter?
Your Affirmation:

I focus on what matters.

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