If God sends stony paths…

If God sends us stony paths, He will provide us with strong shoes.”–Alexander Maclaren

Good morning! I don’t know about you, but I have certainly had my share of days where I felt tested to the max. Sometimes it can be hard to keep “a chin up” when so many things are weighing us down.

I have found on those tough and stressful days, I am continually being taught the art of letting go and the art of faith. We can’t control everything–and when we try to do so, life gets heavy quickly. This simple quote is one of my favorite reminders. We are equipped to handle what life sends our way– we simply must learn from the lessons than can teach us –and remember to use the tools that are given to us.

Your turn:

Take a moment to reflect on trying times in your past and how you have pulled through. Make a list and pat yourself on the back for what you have overcome. Use this to inspire you when life gets tough. If you are in a tough situation today, remember to let go.

Your affirmation:

Let go and let God.


If God sends stony paths… — 4 Comments

  1. I NEEDED this quote today. Thank you. So many times we are in too much of a hurry to learn the lesson in front of us.

  2. this is so true. kinda like, where a door is closed another one will be opened. God will provide. thank goodness for that.

  3. AMEN-We are walking a stony path right now and we have our shoes on that God supplied—–

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