We’ve never failed…

“I never failed once. My invention just happened to be a 2,000 step process.” -Thomas Edison

Good morning! I am so glad Thomas Edison kept going, aren’t you? What is something in your life that you have given up on or aren’t pursuing as avidly as you might because it seems too hard or unattainable? What if, like Edison’s, your goal is a 2,000 step process? What if, instead of thinking of your goal as unattainable, you realized how many of those 2,000 steps you have already taken?

 Your Turn: Ask yourself where you have given up or been detoured by the idea of failure. Embrace Edison’s quote and restart and rejuvenate your goal.

 Today’s Affirmation: Failure does not exist, unless I choose to let it.


We’ve never failed… — 2 Comments

  1. Good Morning, I love reading the morning emails. This one hits home to us right now, our business of 17 years going on 18 last month is experiencing severe difficulties due to the economy and we are trying hard right now to keep it alive. This is very difficult and depressing at times. After opening this email this morning and reading the quote it makes me feel that if we keep working hard we can still attain our goal. Thanks and I will write down today’s affirmation and post it in my business, my car, and my home.

  2. I am a new and have received my first 3 Good Morning messages. I am impressed with the quotes and depth of content. I now look forward to mornings! Thanks for all you do and provide.

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