Your Weekly Challenge: Do Just One Thing At A Time

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“Key to success: Do only one thing at a time — and
give it everything you’ve got.”
~Brook Noel


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Don’t laugh–I really mean it! I know this concept might seem difficult to grasp and I understand the skepticism. Just as I was born complicated, I was also born a multi-tasker. I am naturally one of those people that have 18 different programs or windows open on my computer. I am reading (and or writing) multiple books at a time. I can’t even buy one pet at a time! I acquired two cats that were brothers and two golden retrievers that were sisters.
However, I had to come to terms with the fact that doing multiple things at one time didn’t make me more efficient, it just made me more “stressed.” It led me to falsely believe I could do more with little time. Yet when I embraced the concept of doing one thing at a time and began focusing on one thing at a time, something amazing happened. Suddenly I didn’t feel so rushed–I didn’t feel everything was “urgent.” I didn’t feel like I was on a treadmill. Instead I felt centered and in control. I was able to do my best, because I wasn’t being distracted and divided by multiple tasks but focused on a single purpose.
This was true at work and also true at play. Try watching a movie while paying bills or folding laundry versus just watching the movie. Try playing a game with your child versus playing a game while also fixing dinner. Which way offers more peace, more enjoyment, more magic in the moment? When we cram a single moment with multiple activities we might get more done, but we can only do so by sacrificing the magic of the moment.
Your Weekly Challenge: This week, make a concerted effort to do one thing at a time. Watch how stress begins to be replaced by finding more joy in the moment.

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