Good Morning: Don’t Wait for the Right Time to Act

"To achieve great things, two things are needed; a plan, and not
quite enough time."--Leonard Bernstein 

Good morning! 

I love this quote because it holds an absolute truth that we often
forget. So many times when we long to achieve greatness, we think
we have to wait for "the right time." But the right time never
comes. Life doesn't offer clear plateaus without something pulling
us one direction or another. 

It is when we commit with a solid plan but don't have quite enough
time, that we propel ourselves to action. We rid ourselves of
excuses and move forward any way. I have also loved the quote, "The
best thing about waiting till the last minute is then things only
take a minute." While that quote is on the opposite end of the
spectrum, it still holds that same spec of truth. When we give up
the myth of that "perfect time" we propel ourselves toward action.

Your turn:
How has the myth of the perfect time held you from your goals?
Repeat the quote above several times--let the myth go to propel
yourself forward.
Your affirmation: 
Any time is the perfect time for change

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