Good Morning! Embace Change And All It Entails!

Around the Corner: When the root is planted deep, there is no reason to fear the wind.
~Chinese proverb


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Good morning!  

Take a moment to analyze how deep your devotion to change is planted. Are you looking for a quick solution or are you committed to making lasting change? I always say that the MTM Program is for those who have tried enough “quick fixes” to realize they are in  a long and endless spiral with little result.
But change is tough. Today, and every day, it is important to review your reasons for change–and to affirm how important your changes are to you and your family. This is “the root.” When that root is planted deeply, the occasional stumbling block or pothole will not deter you from your goal.
Your Turn:
If you haven’t yet listed out your reasons for embracing change, do so today. If you have, take a moment to review them.
Your affirmation:
I embrace change … and everything that comes with it.
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