Good Morning: Feeling Gratitude

Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present
and not giving it. --William Arthur Ward

Good morning! 

When we get caught up in the treadmill of life, it is easy to
forget to count our blessings. Using a Daily Gratitude Journal can
help us stay "in the moment" and recognize the countless blessings
we each have.

However, the regular use of the Gratitude Journal is only the first
step. The next step is to give thanks for our blessings. When we
let someone know how they have helped us or influenced us, not only
do we attract more "like behavior" in our lives, we also warm that
person's heart. We encourage them to offer similar kindness to
others. This is how the simple act of gratitude has the capacity to
change the world.

Sometimes we forget to give thanks. We might think, "Oh that person
knows what she did was important." Or we get "too busy" to send a
thank-you email, card or phone call. When we behave in that way, we
leave the cycle of gratitude incomplete. Perhaps the person that
offered kindness was inspired to act kindly because of you. Your
appreciation and thanks could be the catalyst in encouraging them
to repeat the behavior. Remember that when we praise or appreciate
a behavior a person is more likely to repeat it.

Your turn:
Who are several people that offered you kindness this past week or
that you are grateful for? Take a moment to clearly thank 3 people
who have made a difference in your life or your past week. As you
complete your gratitude list each day, make sure to give "thanks"
where you can.

Your affirmation:
I have a thankful heart and express my thanks to those who impact

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