Good Morning: It Isn’t Good Enough to Just be Right

"Where so many hours have been spent in convincing myself that I am
right, is there not some reason to fear I may be wrong?"
-Jane Austen

Good morning! 

Being right all the time takes incredible amounts of energy. It
also entails a lack of listening skills, close-mindedness and
generally makes a person unpleasant to be around. After all, no one
can be right all the time - certainly none of us have all the
answers. While offering advice and guidance is important, remember
to be open to new ideas and know that there is great power in
making mistakes and admitting to them.
Likewise, in personal situations we will often defend our actions.
We may have had an argument with another person, and we go over and
over the details and why our actions were "justified" or "correct,"
while the other person's weren't. It's important to realize that
"being right" doesn't do you any good if you are losing a friend or
destroying a relationship.

Your Turn: 
The next time you are focused on being the expert or being right,
pause for a moment. Look at the situation through the other
person's perspective and see if there is opportunity for growth and

Your Affirmation:
Being caring and fair is more important than being right.

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