Good Morning: Overcome Your Fear of Failure

"Failure seldom stops you. What stops you is the fear of failure."
-Jack Lemmon

Submitted by Good Morning Reader Debbie Schwer

Good morning! 

Thanks Debbie for another quote that reveals mountains of truth
within its 12 words. I would encourage everyone to read today's
quote several times. Then recall some times where you perceived
your result as a "failure." Did you actually fail, or did you
simply never try? Most often, it is the fear of failure that stops
us from committing whole-heartedly and trying. We don't actual
fail, we just fail to try.

One of the most beautiful freedoms we can attain is the ability to
accept what result will come our way -- and try wholeheartedly
anyway. Releasing ourselves from the result and focusing instead on
our effort creates focus, clarity and a rich future.

Your Turn: 
Where are you so busy looking at the result and whether it is
attained or not that you are avoiding giving your all in the
moment? Put on your blinders and block out the future so you can
focus on the now.

Your Affirmation:
Nothing stands between me and giving my best effort daily.

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