Good Morning: Plans for Change

Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you
going." Jim Rohn    

Good morning!  

How important it is to recognize that both
motivation and habit are needed as we seek to change and improve
our lives.

Motivation is the spark that often gets us moving. But within that
initial motivation, we must work hard to develop positive and
effective habits to keep us moving. Success is made from motivation
and habits, not one or the other.

In order to sustain a high-level of motivation while giving us time
to create new habits, we must stay positive and solution oriented.
It is also helpful to communicate with others who are making
changes in their lives and use their excitement as a springboard
for our own.

Your turn:
Does your plan for change contain equal parts motivation and
excitement? If not, brainstorm ways to create more of whichever
quality is needed.

Your affirmation:
I seek out the positive in people and in life's situations.

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