Good Morning: Take Control of Your Thoughts

“If you don’t change your thoughts your life will be like this
forever. Is that good news?”
~Dan Miller, Releasing Principles for Work/Life Excellence!

Submitted by Good Morning Reader Cathy Kaiser

Good morning!

This morning’s quote is quite a reality check and eye-opener isn’t
it? Odds are when you read it, you had an immediate reaction…
either positive or “Oh, no!” The quote is so true though, our
thoughts become our actions and our actions become our history and
our history becomes our legacy. Given that this begins with
thought, what type of legacy are you creating?

Reflect for a moment on the last month. What were your daily
thought patterns like? Were you mostly feeling positive and
influencing those around you in positive ways? Were you
self-absorbed and missing your chances to help others? Were you
wrapped in negativity or stress that you didn’t generate a plan to
tackle? Will you let the cycle continue or are you ready to take

The quickest way to regain control of our thoughts is to do a
simple self-check every hour on the hour (when you remember!) Ask
yourself… how is my thinking? How do I feel? How am I treating
others? How am I treating myself? What can I improve before my next
self-check? Continue to challenge yourself to control your thoughts
in a positive way versus letting them run on autopilot.

If you find that your thoughts are constantly a source of struggle,
I strongly suggest our 10 Day Attitude Makeover Class. You can work
at your own pace in this self-study class that teaches you how to
greet and enjoy each day in a positive and productive way.

Your Turn:
What was your reaction to today’s quote? Try using the self-check
technique today and see how that influences your thought patterns.

Your Affirmation:
I control my thoughts and they are positive and supportive to
myself and others.

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