Good Morning: The Definition of Success

Did you know the Levi Strauss was originally a tent maker in the
1850's? He used a heavy-duty denim fabric he had invented to make
tents. He failed at his tent-endeavor. I wonder what we would all
be wearing if he would have succeeded? 
Good morning! 

We are approaching the 5 year anniversary of my Good Morning
newsletter. I wanted to take a brief pause this week to send a few
of my favorite Good Mornings for all of our recent subscribers.
Something great is going to happen again this year and I can't wait
to see what it is!

From November 21, 2005:

You have likely noticed that throughout November I have been
featuring a lot of these "hidden success" stories. Why? Because
most success stories are journeys that included obstacles,
"failures", detours, roadblocks and road bumps. Obstacles,
"failures", detours, roadblocks and road bumps are KEY INGREDIENTS
to success. We can't get to "success" in a personal or professional
endeavor without that ingredient. Roadblocks and the like, teach us
to stretch our thinking, reframe our situation, expand our
possibilities -- which are also important ingredients of success.

It would be wise to redefine success. I would define it as: A
series of mistakes, small steps, accomplishments, detours, road
blocks, dreams and persistence that eventually deliver us to a
desired goal.

Perhaps if we expected these "side-steps" we could accept them
versus thinking they are reasons to abandon a goal. They aren't!
They are just another step toward the end result.

Your Turn:
Post this new definition of success somewhere you will see it

Your affirmation: 
There is no such thing as a setback. A setback is just another step
toward success.

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