Crammed day?

“The key to success: do only one thing at a time-and give it everything you’ve got.”-Brook Noel

Do only one thing at a time: don’t laugh-I really mean it! I know this concept might seem difficult to grasp and I understand the skepticism. Just as I was born complicated, I was also born a multi-tasker. I am naturally one of those people that have eighteen different programs or windows open on my computer. I am reading (or writing) multiple books at a time. I can’t even buy one pet at a time! I acquired two cats that were brothers, and two golden retrievers that were sisters.

However, I had to come to terms with the fact that doing multiple things at one time didn’t make me more efficient: it just made me more stressed. It led me to falsely believe I could do more with little time. Yet when I embraced the concept of doing one thing at a time and began focusing on one thing at a time, something amazing happened. Suddenly I didn’t feel so rushed-I didn’t feel everything was “urgent.” I didn’t feel like I was on a treadmill. Instead, I felt centered and in-control. I was able to do my best, because I wasn’t being distracted and divided by multiple tasks, but instead was focused on a single purpose.

This was true at work and also at play. Try watching a movie while paying bills or folding laundry, instead of just watching the movie. Try playing a game with your child ,rather than playing a game while also fixing dinner. Which way offers more peace, more enjoyment, more magic in the moment? When we cram a single moment with multiple activities, we might get more done, but we can only do so by sacrificing the magic of the moment.

Your Turn: Today, instead of cramming a lot into each moment, slow down and focus on enjoying one moment at a time-and giving it all you’ve got!

Today’s Affirmation: I am focused and centered in the moment.


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  1. Thanks this just what I needed to hear I always say its good I’m ADHD so I do 4 things at a time,and remain in a constant state of stress and unforfilled. I’ll try this today

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