When problems arise, don’t get furious, get curious. Anonymous

Good morning! I have always been an advocate of asking questions. My friends will tell you that whenever I meet someone, I ask them so many questions they would likely think I am an attorney. As you know, I am not – but I am a knowledge-seeker. I love to learn about people, about places, about anything. I love to see how other people think, why things exist and how they got there.

Today’s quote stresses the importance of “questions” in our lives. I think one skill we could all benefit from is that of asking more questions. When something goes wrong, instead of getting upset, we could ask: How did this happen? Why did this happen? Did I contribute to it in any way? Is there something I could do differently? What are other ways this situation could have turned out? The questions are endless and they will be much more productive than anger.

Your Turn: Today, try to ask 100 questions to yourself or those around you. At the end of the day, evaluate how much you have learned by having a “questioning” attitude versus an “I already know the answer” attitude.

Your affirmation: Each day I learn something new.


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