Decision Dwelling

It seems society if filled with people who love to ponder. We think about doing one thing or another, weigh the pros and cons, and then continue to think some more.

Examine for a moment, the common notion of getting in shape by following a workout schedule. First, we think about joining a gym. Then we think about the pros and cons – cost versus benefits of commitment. Then we think maybe we’re better off just getting an exercise machine. Then we turn on Oprah and she is praising the benefits of walking and we think, Oh maybe I’ll just do that.Then we think about if we will have the “sticktuitiveness” to do it alone, or if we should get an exercise partner…the beat goes on.

What does all this thinking allow us to avoid? It allows us to avoid taking action. It allows us to continue to live in the comfort of the familiar and avoid change.

Simply making the decision to invest time in a priority is one of the best steps toward realizing a priority.

Webster’s dictionary defines “decide” as follows: “1 a: to arrive at a solution that ends uncertainty or dispute about < what to do> b: to select as a course of action – 2: to bring to a definite end synonym DETERMINE, SETTLE, RULE, RESOLVE.”

This definition eliminates the pondering and moves us toward our end goal. Take action and decide. Instead of resting in the comforts of non-commitment, take hold of today and DECIDE something that needs your attention– make the commitment.  When we avoid making that commitment or decision, we are deciding to do nothing. And doing nothing will get us nowhere on the path toward our priorities.

Stop now and make a decision to help you align your daily life with a top priority. Commit your decision to paper.

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