Good Morning: Do You Nurture Relationships?

“Don’t forget to salt the rice.”
~Artris Kelone
Submitted by Good Morning reader Jadenda


Good morning 
Jadenda (what a cool name!) sent in this note with her Good Morning that I wanted to share with you.
This is something my father has been telling me since I was old enough to help in the kitchen. Since then he and I have repeated it to my children also.  It was not until last week while putting a pot of rice on to cook and pondering the actions of my twenty year old that I heard my father’s voice in a different light.
To most people this might not mean anything except put salt in the rice while it is cooking because afterward it matters not how much you add because it will not turn out the same. But to a mother of a 20 year old I now look at it as a word of warning to raising children and also see how it could apply to all relationships. At 20 it is too late or at least really hard, to instill good values. So if you do not do it while your cooking the rice sometimes it is too late. This applies to showing love,  respect and discipline. 
And yes it is hard to wait sometimes to see if I added just the right amount of salt to the rice.
Your Turn: What relationships in your life need tending? Don’t put off until tomorrow what you need to share today.
Affirmation: I pay close attention to the needs of those around me..

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