Good Morning: There Is No Such Thing As A “Long Day”

Me: “I’ve had a long day, Sammy.”

My 10 year old: “Actually – all of your days are the same, Mother.
It is just your perception that is changing.”

Good morning!

The other evening I came home from my office and I
was wiped out. The week prior had been hectic, and in addition to
professional challenges, I had some emotional challenges. My
daughter leapt out to greet me. She was not challenge-wrought. She
was speaking excitedly with each sentence hitting a higher octave
than the one before. Quickly, she rattled off an ambitious list of
things she wanted to do in the few hours before bed.

“I’ve had a long day, Sammy.” She replied with the simple sentence
I shared above. “Actually, all of your days are the same, Mother.
It is just your perception that is changing.”

As she skipped off toward the kitchen, I couldn’t help but laugh to
myself. My daughter seems to have inherited a similar interest in
how people think, and what people think. And in this instance, her
10-year-old mind was very much on target. My day couldn’t have been
any longer than the one before, or the one to come next. My
perception of what was within that day was overwhelming me – not
the day itself.

Somehow, realizing that is our perception of life, and not life
itself, that trouble us, makes it easier to climb to a better
emotional place.

Instead of dwelling, I quickly adapted my thinking. Instead of
being “wiped out” by the day, I decided to appreciate all I had
accomplished emotionally and professionally during the day. (And to
go to bed early and get a good night’s sleep!)

Your Turn:
On your “tough days” appreciate all you have faced and
accomplished. Reward yourself with a positive thought and a bit of
extra self-attention and care.

“Nothing is either good or bad – but our thinking makes it so…” I
choose to think in ways that support and uplift me.

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