Begins TODAY: 30 Day Health Jumpstart !

30 Day Health Jumpstart
A 30 Day Program to Chart and Start Your Health & Fitness Path
Begins Today – March 29
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Walk by any newsstand or turn on the television, and it won’t take long to find supposed solutions to the seemingly never-ending battle of weight loss. We all know the secret: eat less, exercise more-but simplicity does not make the process easy! This 30 day course is designed to help you evaluate your current fitness level and health-habits in a new light. You’ll then chart (and start) the changes to help you take your health to the next level. With step-by-step guidance, and easy-to-implement lessons, this program is for anyone seeking accountability, and a clear action plan, to guide their goal.

Week One: Building Healthy Habits
This week you’ll learn about keeping a food diary, how attitude contributes (or hinders) success, and discover tools to help you (besides the scale). After evaluating your current fitness level, you’ll create a realistic goal plan to guide you through the month ahead.

Week Two: Nutrition Tune-Up
This week we delve into your cupboards with attention to nutrition. You will learn how to create balanced and filling meals. We explore breakfast, snacks, lunches, menus, substitutes, eating out, a healthy pantry, and provide the nutritional background and basics to enable you to make healthy decisions. Finally we will cover vitamins and supplements.

Week Three: Let’s Get Movin’
In our third week, we create our exercise plans, balancing cardio and strength-training. Learn how to make exercise work, no matter how busy you are! A special section explores exercise for both body and mind, including yoga. We will also look at stretching and flexibility, which are often neglected components when we first get back into exercising.

Week Four: The Journey
With a solid foundation in place, we turn our attention to implementation. You will evaluate your progress and fine tune the tools you have discovered in this course. We wrap up with resources, mini-missions, and tips to help you continue your healthy changes as you work toward your health goal!

Begins 1/18/10 For more information or to register visit

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