Counting Like a Butterfly

“The butterfly counts not months but moments, and has time enough.” -Rabindranath Tagore

Good morning! So often we chase the elusive concept of “more time.” While we chase and run and hunt down more time, we lose the time we have now. This quote by Tagore reminds me that we can’t save and stockpile our time and put it away for a rainy day. All we have now is this moment, and if we grasp it fully, it is enough.

Many of us know this intellectually but have a hard time putting it into practice. When we see tragedy in the world, we remember how valuable time really is. When we learn that someone has lost a loved one, for a moment or two we truly appreciate those around us. But time and days speed up again, until the moments become months that are so often missed.

This is why the gratitude journal is so important. Each day, hunt down the moments that are gifts, and write them down. Don’t let them pass you by because you forgot to open your eyes. Each day brings thousands of moments that will never come again. Only you can decide if you will turn moments into memories, or just let them pass by.

Your Turn: What “checks” can you put in place to stay centered and aware throughout the day? Every time the clock hits :00, could you stop and just check to make sure you are present in the moment? Think of a self-check that would work for you and then implement it.

Today’s Affirmation: I embrace the magical moments of today.

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