Good Morning: Be Strong Enough To Risk Failing

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“One hundred percent of the shots you don’t take don’t go in.”
~Wayne Gretzky
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Good morning!

Many times we convince ourselves that it is easier not to try, than to risk failing. However, when we challenge ourselves we can also reach new levels that we can’t reach without taking a chance.
Look at this famous figure:
Failed in business, 1831.
Defeated for legislature, 1832.
Second failure in business, 1833.
Defeated for speaker, 1838.
Defeated for elector, 1840.
Defeated for congress, 1843.
Defeated for congress again, 1848.
Defeated for senate, 1855.
Defeated for vice president, 1856.
Defeated for senate again, 1858.
Elected President of the United States of America, 1860.
What if Abraham Lincoln hadn’t taken another “shot” as Wayne says? What if he had decided it was easier not to try? I wonder where we would be today. The road for Lincoln would be 29-years-long. But he would not run out of gas, and he would not pull-over, and he would not turn around.
Your Turn: Never underestimate your own power. Take a risk. Take a chance. Life is yours to be lived. Are you really living life?
Affirmation: I find life’s “shots” and I take them.
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