Good Morning – It’s Time to Try

 "You may be disappointed if you fail, but you are doomed if you
don't try." ~Beverly Sills, Opera Singer

Good morning!  How often do you have an "inkling" or a "hunch" that
you ignore? Perhaps it is a fear of success or failure or a fear of

Our "instinct" is a muscle. The more we use it; the more we trust
it; the more it develops. We need to heed and listen to our inner
voice and its messages--especially, since these messages will
usually lead us where we need to go.

Your turn:
Don't drown your voice. Listen to those "inklings" and "instincts"
and follow where they lead you.

Your affirmation:
I trust myself. I respect myself. I trust my voice. I respect my
voice. I follow my voice. I am enough.

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