Good Morning – Life Lessons

"We do not learn only from great minds; we learn from everyone, if
we only observe and inquire." ~C.A. Doxiadis

Good morning! I am a life-long learner. I contribute that trait to
my success in achieving my personal and professional dreams. I am
known for asking 1,000 questions and always seeking to learn,
inquire and absorb.

Each day, we are offered many chances to learn. They aren't always
obvious. But if we pay attention, we can become life-learners very
quickly. Perhaps a co-worker or friend handles a problem in an
effective way. When we truly observe, we can adapt that method in
our own life. Or perhaps their resolution isn't that productive -
there is plenty to learn from that as well.

When we are out shopping and see how a sales person relates to a
customer, we can learn the value of a helping hand and a smile.
Likewise, if he or she isn't pleasant, we can learn how important
and influential a missing smile can be.

Life is our greatest teacher. There is always a lesson to be
learned. Even when things are trying and difficult and we can't
seem to make sense of the "fog" -- there is a lesson to be had. We
often resist learning when we are in a "dark place." But perhaps
that is the time we need to observe, inquire and learn all the
more. I know my greatest lessons have come at the times I really
wanted to resist learning. It is when we actively learn from both
good and bad, we enrich our lives on a different level.

Your turn:
Set a goal of learning something from as many people as you can
today. You may want to record your "lessons learned" in your
Catch-All Notebook to see how enriching this exercise can be.

Your affirmation:
I am a life-learner, and everyday I harvest a new lesson that
enriches my life.

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