Good Morning – Practicing Gratitude

Gratitude lights up what is already there. You don’t necessarily
have anything more or different, but suddenly you actually see what
is. And because you can see, you no longer take it for granted.
You’re just standing in your yard, but suddenly you realize, Oh,
there’s the first flower of spring struggling to emerge from the
snow; Oh, there’s a deer emerging from the scrub brush; Oh, there’s
the measuring cup you’ve been looking for that your daughter was
using to make mud pies. It’s just your ordinary old backyard, but
suddenly you are filled with happiness, thankfulness and joy.”
~excerpted from Attitudes of Gratitude, how to receive and give joy
every day of your life, by M. J. Ryan

Good morning! What are you grateful for? What little things bring a
smile to your face? What ordinary occurrences make you deliriously
happy? Take a moment to ‘re-discover’ the everyday subtleties that
make you happiest. What cute thing has your child done lately, who
phoned after you had them on your mind… Did a late summer flower
just bloom?

Your turn:
Today “light up” your thoughts by making an extra-long gratitude
list. Keep a sheet of paper with you all day and try to write down
at least 50 things by the end of the day. (Whenever negativity
surfaces or life gets you down–this is one of the quickest cures.)

Your affirmation:
I am observant and grateful for life’s many gifts.

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