Last Call: 30 Day Health Jumpstart Online Class


Open Enrollment this Week 

Walk by any newsstand or turn on the television, and it won’t take long to find supposed solutions to the seemingly never-ending battle of weight loss. We all know the secret: eat less, exercise more-but simplicity does not make the process easy! This 30 day course is designed to help you evaluate your current fitness level and health-habits in a new light. You’ll then chart (and start) the changes to help you take your health to the next level. With step-by-step guidance, and easy-to-implement lessons, this program is for anyone seeking accountability, and a clear action plan, to guide their goal.
We will cover:

Week One: Building Healthy Habits
Week Two: Nutrition Tune-Up
Week Three: Let’s Get Movin’
Week Four: The Journey (Sustainability)

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