Shrink Your Worry List

Shrink your worry list. Examine areas in your life where anxiety rules. Does your worrying really make a positive difference in those situations? If not, dump the worry.”
~from Checklists for Life

Good morning! Today’s quote is practical in nature, but one that we should no-doubt embrace.

Worry has many similar characteristics to guilt. It hurts us much more than it helps. While a little worry or a little guilt keeps our conscious clean and our focus clear, incessant worry and guilt are destructive.

How do you know if these emotions are constructive or destructive in your own life? Ask yourself this simple question: Did my (worry/guilt/insert any emotion) make a positive difference in the situation?

If your answer is “no” then you are needlessly bringing yourself down, and likely bringing down the people around you.

Your turn:
As you encounter guilt, worry, and other emotions today ask yourself: “Is this making a positive difference in this situation?” If the answer is no, say a positive affirmation to dilute the negative emotion.

Your affirmation:

I release negative emotions from my life and replace them with positive and constructive thoughts.

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