Live courageously today

“You must have the courage to do the thing you think you cannot do.”-Anne Morrow-Lindburgh

Good morning! Sometimes the best encouragement and inspiration can come from our peers. This quote was submitted by a very courageous reader-it had been on her refrigerator for a very long time. One night, when her abusive husband was occupied in the bathroom, she took her two children and went out the front door. She drove all night to a different state. This admirable woman found the courage to do something she likely didn’t think she could do. This quote defines what true courage is. Courage is the ability to stretch past our perceived limitations, take a chance, dance on the edge, and believe we will not fall.

Your Turn: Where in your life can you hear the call of courage? What have you discounted, avoided or left uncompleted because of fear? Commit to live courageously today.

Today’s Affirmation: My strength and courage are more powerful than my fears.


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  1. Brook:

    Good morning!

    Wonderful “good morning”! As you know, I’ve had to be courageous with my sweet Emily, my health, and those darned bedbugs! Thanks for using that quote. I have read it before and loved it.

    Take care and have a wonderful week!


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