Good Morning! Are You Tough Enough To Live Your Best?

“Life is great, if you’re tough enough to live it.” ~Aunt Connie Gill

Good morning! I love this quote that a reader sent in. Perhaps that
is what some of us are missing – a “toughness” that enriches our
lives. The Challenge/Make Today Matter program was created to help
us “toughen up” and challenge ourselves in every aspect of our
life. To me,”becoming tough” is parallel to becoming “personally
accountable.” We become tough when we quit diffusing blows to
outward circumstances and events, and instead improve upon

Maybe it isn’t “tough” so much as “brave.” To stand up for
ourselves and what we believe in and what we deserve requires
courage and bravery. It is much easier to walk away from a dream
than it is to pursue it. Pursuing a dream will involve falling
down, bruises, tears and getting back up one hundred times plus.
But I’ll tell you something… I’ve walked both paths and the
scenery is vastly different. I would take the scenery of a dream,
complete with the bumps and bruises over the “easy” path any day of
the week.

Your Turn:
What do you love enough to be brave and courageous for? What do you
believe in so strongly, you are willing to risk a bump and a bruise
and become “tougher” so that you may diligently pursue the dream?

Your Affirmation:
I am brave and courageous in the pursuit of my dreams.

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