Good Morning: Fill Each Day with Purpose

“Fill each day with PURPOSE – not problems.”
~Reader, Cathy Rudder
Good morning 
Today’s quote accompanied an email from Cathy Rudder
of Dallas Texas. She wrote:
I coined this phrase when I first started selling real estate, and
my income was 100% commission. I used this motto to overcome my
fears. These words were inspired by a quote from Ben Sweetland
referring to how trapeze acrobats keep their “act together” and
make the triples happen – all in sync: His quote was, “Put your
heart over the bar and the rest will follow.”
That was 28 years ago. For the past 13 years, I’ve owned my own
firm. Cathy Rudder Real Estate 
This quote is truly an inspiring vision for greeting each day. When
we “get out of our own way” and focus on our purpose, our problems
are easier to conquer. But many of us take an opposite approach to
our days, we focus on the problems at hand and believe we will “get
to our purpose,” once the problems are solved. We don’t realize
that we have it all backward. We must focus on the purpose at hand,
for our purpose is always bigger than our problems.
Your Turn:
When we stay centered on our purpose and our vision, problems
shrink instead of grow. When we put our problems before our vision,
they become roadblocks. How have you been living your days? Is your
primary focus problems or purpose? Try filling your day with
purpose, and watch the dramatic shift it will create in your life.
Your Affirmation:
I fill my days with purpose–not problems.

And as always, don’t forget to start your day with a heartfelt: “Something great is going to happen today… I can’t wait to see what it is!”

And when ending your day ask yourself:
“What is one more thing I can do to make today matter?”

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