Good Morning: Hold Nothing Back

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“If you hold back on life, life holds back on you.” ~Mary Morrissey
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Good morning!

Have you ever had something you were yearning to say on the tip of your tongue–and then suppressed it? Have you ever felt like you should spring into action, only to remain immobile? Have you felt the calling of your heart toward a dream–yet drowned the calling with doubt?
Mary rings the bell of truth quite simply today. “If you hold back on your life; life holds back on you.” While it is true that change, chance and thin ice can be scary, they can also be exhilarating. Change and chance have the power to take us to new places. If we don’t like some facet of where we are, it is time to jump on the raft of change and chance.
Your Turn: In what area of your life have you been holding back? You cannot reap the rewards of life without giving yourself fully. Take one action step today that will help squelch your hesitancy and move your forward to embrace life.
Affirmation: Where my dreams and future are concerned, I hold nothing back.
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