Good Morning! Mind Over Matter!

Around the Corner: “Don’t compromise yourself, you’re all that you’ve got.”
~Janis Joplin
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Good morning!  

As most of you know, I have a spirited and spunky 15-year-old daughter who has inherited my positive attitude and self-belief.
When she was 10, we had an interesting exchange.  I was exhausted and decided to take a quick nap. Sammy asked if she could come upstairs and read while I napped. Unable to fall asleep right away, I began doing a Soduko puzzle while she read. I have been working through the “Fiendish level” in a book a girlfriend gave me at Christmas. Ten or fifteen minutes later, Sammy asked how I was doing on my fiendish puzzle. “I don’t know kiddo,” I replied. “This is a tough on, I may not be able to solve it.”
Sammy replied with, “Who are you and what have you done with my mother!” She chuckled. “The Mom I know can solve any Soduko puzzle–even the fiendish.” I smiled to myself and solved the puzzle in the next 10 minutes. Then I tossed and turned as I often do when trying to fall asleep. Sammy must have noticed because she said, “What are you doing, Momma?”
“Trying to sleep; I often have a hard time falling asleep though, my mind just keeps spinning.” 
“Well just turn it off,” Sammy stated simply.
“How do I do that?”
“You just do,” she said matter-of-factly. “You think about nothing. If you believe that you can think about nothing and turn your mind off, then you can. That’s what I do.” I think she could tell that I wasn’t convinced. “Come on, try it,” she said. “Is your mind clear now?” I paused for a moment. “Yes, it’s clear Sammy.”
“Okay so don’t think about anything.” A moment later “Are you thinking about anything?”
“I am thinking that I am thinking nothing.”
Sammy laughed. “Okay, try this. Imagine a night sky with beautiful stars. Just look up at the stars in your mind and get lost in them.” I did as she instructed, keeping my focus on the stars and their patterns.
“Are you thinking anything now Momma?”
Well, actually, she had to tell me after I woke up that she had asked that question– as I had already fallen asleep.
Your Turn:
Sammy reminded me yesterday or how important the “little things” we say to ourselves are. She also reiterated the power of the mind. It will accomplish what we believe it can accomplish. I thought the lesson went nicely with today’s quote. “Don’t compromise yourself, you’re all that you’ve got.” Big doubts, fears, and insecurities are born from smaller ones. When we keep affirming the positive to ourselves, we diminish the emotional and physical energy that is drained from limiting beliefs. For more information on using Positive Affirmation Statements, check out this week’s Challenge Weekly.
Today, be cognizant of the messages you send yourself. Replace “I cannot” with “I can.” (And try Sammy’s resting exercise–works like a charm!)
Your Affirmation:
Each day my self-belief grows.
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