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“We are never given a dream without the power to make it come true……” ~Richard Bach
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Good morning!

A number of years ago, I published a book titled Level Six Performance which revealed the “secrets of success” for 17 Olympians. While various techniques, skills and training methods were used, one thing remained constant–the dedication to the dream.

Most great accomplishments aren’t found at the end of smooth pathways. They are found by climbing mountains, going through dark valleys and treading through murky water. When we start ONLY looking at the mountain, or a dark valley, or murky water, it is easy to lose sight of the dream. But Felicia and Bach remind us that “We are never given a dream without the power to make it come true.” While we will get sidetracked and look other directions at times, we have to remember to hold the vision of our dream like we would a precious jewel.

Think of all the people who have had great visions and dreams… Martin Luther King, the Wright brothers, Alexander Graham Bell, Walt Disney … a long and varied list is endless. Had one of these individuals chosen not to cherish the dream and nurture it forward, our world would be vastly different.

Your Turn: What is your precious jewel of a dream? It can be simple or complex, but whatever it is do not lose sight of it. The realization of a dream will have a profound influence on your home, your community, the country, or the world.

Your Affirmation: I am living my dream.

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