Spreading courage…

“People must remind each other that it can be done, and it must be done. We must keep up each other’s courage. In that way, we are enormously strong.” -Vincent van Gogh

Good morning! I love “I CAN” people. Much of my business success and personal contentment rests in forming a network of stable and consistent “I CAN” colleagues and friends. When we associate with people who inspire and encourage, we catapult ourselves forward. Likewise, when we associate with people who doubt and discourage us, we quickly stall or move backward.

I have carefully chosen my close friends and current employees, each of whom reflects the “I CAN” attitude. We also have the “I CAN” attitude in our home. When I travel or go out for a day of shopping or errands, I am often astounded by the amount of negativity and discouragement in the world. I wonder why people would choose to spend time in such a place when instead they could create positive and encouraging surroundings. We all have our share of negative people that we have to deal with. We may also treat ourselves negatively. But as adult women, we also have the right to shape our futures by proactively choosing whom we spend our time with.

This beautiful quote is so powerful because it reminds us how important our words of encouragement can be to one another. It is our encouragement that creates strength and positive action.

Your Turn: Who do you need to give encouragement to today? Who can you help to be strong through positive words? Likewise, who encourages you? What can you do to spend more time with those people? Who discourages you? What steps can you take to spend less time with those who doubt and discourage?

Today’s Affirmation: Each day I encourage and support those around me through word and action.

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