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“It’s not that I’m so smart , it’s just that I stay with problems longer.” Albert Einstein

Good morning! I love that Einstein, one of the greatest minds offered this wisdom-filled quote. When I read it I immediately wondered if perhaps the definition of “smart” is: staying with a problem until the answer is found. Maybe many people who “look smart” don’t necessarily grasp things more quickly, but have persistence and perseverance.

Although I am far from Einstein, I could relate to this quote. Many people have asked how I have overcome certain obstacles or created certain processes. It certainly wasn’t a stroke of genius, brilliance or a light bulb flash above my head. I simply stayed with the problem longer. I believe every problem must have a solution. A personal commitment to discovering the solution is what makes the difference.

As we learn to problem solve, our problem-solving skills develop and become stronger. The only thought-pattern required to implementing positive problem-solving skills in your own life is a curious mind and the belief that each problem must have a solution.

Your Turn:

Work on increasing your problem-solving skills. Instead of shrinking away from a challenge or problem, realize that each challenge or problem does have a solution – become a detective with the aim of uncovering it. Some solutions can be discovered in a day, some may take months – but the solutions are there. Try writing down a problem you are facing. Then ask yourself questions to begin exploring solutions. Some questions you might try include: How did this problem come into being? Who do I know that might be able to give me ideas or strategies for solving this problem? What would the answer/solution look like? What steps are needed to get that answer or solution? What role did I play in the creation of this problem and if I reversed my actions/thought patterns, would that impact a solution? What are 5 crazy solutions I can dream up? (Brainstorming quick lists –no matter how outrageous– helps us become creative in our approach and solution focused).

Your Affirmation:
For every challenge or problem, I know there is a solution. I also know that I can find it.

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