Good Morning – Are You Satisfied

"Open your eyes, look within, are you satisfied with the life
you're living?" - Bob Marley
Good morning! 

During our days we can become so occupied with our
lists, tasks, and stressors that we forget to look at the "bigger
picture." Are the things we are doing, taking us in the direction
we want and need to go? 

Take a glance at your list of tasks to complete for today. Then
bring to mind your three priorities at this stage of our life. If
you don't have them written down already, go ahead and write down
these priorities. Now carefully consider each item on your to-do
list. How many of them align with the priorities of your life? It
is true that if you check off those to-do items, you are moving
forward, but are you moving forward in a direction that is

Your Turn: 
After identifying your priorities and checking your to-do list,
what did you find? If you found that very few of your to-do items
aligned with your priorities, find 30 minutes of reflection time
this weekend to create a more balanced plan. Try to do at least one
thing per day that coincides with your top priorities. 

Your Affirmation: 
Each day, I do what matters.

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