Good Morning: Be Thoughtful with Your Commitments and Keep Them

Character is the ability to carry out a decision, after the emotion
of making that decision has passed.

Submitted by Good Morning Reader Ann Marie Stout

Good morning! 

I smiled when I read this quote--and I think many of you will nod
in recognition of the truth contained in this simple sentence. How
often do we make decisions based on a moment of clarity and
inspiration only to find that the energy put into implementation
doesn't match that original moment of inspiration?

It is in these moments that character is built. When we make a
decision and then follow through, despite life's hurdles, we
strengthen our mind and soul. We develop perseverance and
commitment. We move past the "imaginary" and into the "reality" of
seeing our inspiration come to fruition.

For this reason, we should be careful in our commitments. Let us
only commit and decide to do those things that align with our
priorities and that we hold dearly. Then once the decision is made,
let us build our character by transforming our inspiration into

Your Turn: 
In what area of your life have good intentions led to little
results? What commitments do you hold most dear? What steps do you
need to take to see them through?

Your Affirmation:
I thoughtfully follow through on each decision I make.

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