Good Morning: Do You Listen?

"Time is the most valuable thing a man can spend." 
~Diogenes Laetius 

Good morning! 

Good listening skills are important to enhancing our relationships
with family, friends and colleagues. Let's take a quick "refresher
course" on the "Five Basics."

RULE #1 - Listen with your whole body. When listening to your
anyone, the cliche' - "actions speak louder than words" - should be
remembered. Turn off the television, keep good eye contact, put
down the paper or file and give the person your undivided attention.
RULE #2 - Ask questions. Asking questions will show your interest
and help make sure you are hearing what the other person is saying.
It will also extend a conversation and open up more areas to talk
RULE #3 - Do not interrupt. Plain and simple, do not interrupt. 
RULE #4 - Don't have all the answers. While someone may come to you
for answers, it's better to ask questions and encourage others to
find the answers on their own.

RULE #5 - Repeat, repeat, repeat. Repeat what the person says. This
will assure the person that you are listening and you will know you
are understanding their message.
Your Turn: 
Reread the five rules above. Is there any rule where you might be
falling a little short? Write those rules down and work on
practicing them in the following week.

Your Affirmation:
I listen to others with care and compassion.

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