Good Morning: Live in the Moment

“The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best
time is today.” – Chinese Proverb
Submitted by Good Morning Reader Rhonda Miga

Good morning!

Rhonda included this note in her email:

I think this applies to all of us. There are many things that we
wanted to do 20 years (10 or even 5) ago but we never got around to
it. I think this proverb is great because it is saying “so what,

do it today!” You can’t go back and change what you did not do but
there is nothing stopping us from doing it today.

I recently went back to school and made a comment to my mother in
law… “maybe I will finish this by the time I am 50.” She said…
“You are going to be 50 anyway, right… so why not be 50 and have
a new degree.”

It may have been better to get this degree years ago but now is the
2nd best time.

These are wonderful words of wisdom. This quote also reminds me
that we need not live with regret. What we didn’t do yesterday (or
decades ago) can still be started today. Why live in the past, when
we have the power to create our future?

Your Turn:
What has been left undone in your life that you could begin today?
Take a regret from the past and make it into an action plan for
your future.

Your Affirmation:
It is always the right time to begin what needs to be done.

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