Good Morning! Slow Down, Enjoy the View…

Slow down, you move too fast, you gotta make the good times last.
~from the song Feeling Groovy

Good morning!   When I was a little girl I learned the lyrics to “Feeling Groovy” in choir and we sang the song for a spring concert. It has such wonderful lyrics and a catchy tune that I have retained many of the lyrics and occasionally find myself humming them.
A few days ago, we had a really “wet snow” in Wisconsin. The roads were snow covered and quite icy and as I made my 26-mile-trek home on the freeway, the top traffic speed was 30 mph.
When I got home, my daughter wanted to go out to eat as we had planned the night before. The little Mexican restaurant we often frequent is about 10-12 minutes away on a non-snowy day. Given the number of accidents I had seen on the freeway, I didn’t think it was a good idea to go out in these conditions.
“But we have 4-wheel drive,” she pleaded, puffing out her lip in a pout that must have taken years of practicing in front of a mirror to perfect. Regardless, it is a facial expression I can’t refuse.
“It will take us 30 minutes to get there,” I tried to reason. She didn’t care. I told her I would only drive on the back roads. I am a great snow-driver, but I don’t necessarily trust everyone else on the road, so I decided there likely wouldn’t be much traffic on the back roads.
We bundled up and set out on our journey. The back roads hadn’t been plowed yet, so we sang “dashing through the snow,” as we made our way to the restaurant in the predicted half-hour time.
After an enjoyable dinner, we made the 30-minute trek home. By now the snow had begun to accumulate rapidly. As I turned onto the road that leads to our home, I was taken aback by the beauty of the snow resting on the trees. It was one of those “blanket snows” that made everything look like it was outlined in lace. I pointed it out to Sammy and we drove even slower to enjoy the beauty to be found in each snow-covered form of nature.
The next day would be warm. So when we arrived home, we took some extra time to stand outside and enjoy the “lacy wonder,” knowing by morning it would have melted.
Interestingly, I always find myself in a cheerful mood when the Wisconsin snow falls. Many people aren’t fond of the snow, and dislike driving in the “white” stuff. But I always find myself humming as I toddle around. That night it occurred to me why I like the snow. In my daily hustle and bustle, I don’t often look at the trees or really “see” the beauty that surrounds me as I would like to. I am usually dashing madly from one commitment to another. The snow forces me to slow down. As soon as I slow down, I can see all the beauty that surrounds me more clearly.
Your Turn:
Today, try to “slow down.” Notice how when you “slow down” you are more apt to see all the beauty in life. Do as the Feeling Groovy song lyrics suggest and “make the good times last.”
Your Affirmation:
I absorb and appreciate all the beauty around me.

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