Good Morning: Time is Your Most Precious Asset

 “Life is like riding in a taxi. Whether you are going anywhere or not, the meter keeps ticking.”

~John C. Maxwell
Good morning

I was reading a little book on time management and the following statistics, presented by John C. Maxwell, I found to be quite enlightening:

  • 5 minutes from our morning routine
  • 10 minutes from our settling into work
  • 5 minutes of idol conversation and distractions and;
  • a daily 10 minute reduction in our lunches and break times
we would gain 125 hours of time in a year!!

Maxwell reminds us that that is the equivalent of 3 40-hour weeks to use for anything we want and we can double that time by watching television 30 fewer minutes every day!

Your Turn:
When was the last time you didn’t have enough time? Is there anything above you can implement? If not, what can you change? Time won’t change, we have to change how we use our time. What minutes are escaping you each day, that are yours to reclaim if you put your mind to it?

I invest my time wisely.

If for 5 days a week, for 50 weeks we streamlined: 

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