Good Morning: Use Your Time Well

"Perhaps the greatest enigma of time is that nobody has enough of
it, yet we almost always succeed in wasting it. Time is different
from every other resource we utilize.  When we don't have money, we
don't buy excess clothing.  Yet when we don't have time, we still
fritter it away on whatever may pop up. Perhaps the explanation
behind such odd resource waste is that we don't think of time as a
resource. Everybody knows that time is precious and should be
utilized carefully, but few people treat time with the respect that
it deserves."

Pete Mockaitis author of The Student Leader's Field Guide
Submitted by Good Morning Reader Debbie

Good morning! 

Debbie personally knew the author of this quote who seems to be one
of the rare people who doesn't fritter away time. Debbie shared
that, "Pete went to high school with my daughter.  He read
leadership books as a hobby, served as president of a ton of
organizations, was a National Merit semi-finalist and went on to my
Alma Mater, the University of Illinois. While there, he continued
to assume leadership roles and was frustrated by the lack of
leadership books aimed towards students.  He ended up writing a
book himself and having it published before his college graduation."

Like Debbie, I am struck by the sentence--"Perhaps the greatest
enigma of time is that nobody has enough of it, yet we almost
always succeed in wasting it."  

Almost daily I hear complaints of people running out of time or not
having enough time. Yet Pete is right, we still manage to fritter
time away versus managing it as the asset it is. This isn't to say
that we should be working around the clock or goal-chasing every
hour of every day, but we should make sure we are spending our time
in alignment with our personal priorities. When we spend out time
more wisely, we release ourselves from the "never enough time" trap.
Your Turn: 
Where you have been letting time escape that doesn't align with
your priorities? What can you do to change that this week?

Your Affirmation:
I value and spend my time wisely.

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