10 Cleaning Tips

HTML clipboardCracks and Crevices: Use paintbrushes and Q-tips for hard to reach cracks and crevices.

Make Cleaning Fun: Transform cleaning from chore to fun with an incentive!  Find a few books on audio that you would like to listen to–reserve listening to them for cleaning time.

Sticky Situations:
To remove gum from a surface, press ice against it to harden and then use a buttered knife to loosen.

Invisible Ink: Kids get a bit wild on the last craft project?  Use hairspray to remove magic marker ink from surfaces.

Murphy’s Law:  It isn’t Murphy’s Law you are thinking of!  I’m  talking Murphy’s Oil Soap!  Used most often on wood floors and furniture, this is a great choice for all around cleaning.  It is a natural cleaner that really goes into the crevices and removes direct versus laying a filmy shine on top of a surface as many other cleaners do.  This cleaner has been on the market for 90+ years and I often use it to clean counters, walls, etc

Shine and Sparkle: An old toothbrush and toothpaste work wonders for cleaning jewelry.

Not only for the dishwasher: Dissolve 1/4 cup of dishwasher detergent in a gallon of very hot water.  Let cool a bit so you can handle.  Use on refrigerators, stoves, walls, floors, glass-you can use this solution on just about anything!  Test a small area first if in doubt.  Wipe   with a dry cloth after cleaning.

Leave film in your camera, not on your dishes: Run a cup of white vinegar through a full cycle in an empty dishwasher to remove excess film.

Spotted sinks: To clean light stains from a sink, rub with a fresh cut lemon; for rust stains and darker stains create a paste from borax and lemon juice and scrub stain.

Sponge Sterilization: To sterilize your kitchen sponge heat it in the microwave for 30-60 seconds. (Make sure to keep an eye on it!)

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