Who is responsible for this?

“The happiness of your life depends on the quality of your thoughts.” -Marcus A. Antoninus

Good morning! Being responsible is one of our most important personal duties. Responsibility makes the difference between the medium and the magnificent. Unfortunately, much of the world has developed a “victim mentality,” in which it’s easier to blame others than to take responsibility. When we learn that we are responsible for our actions, thoughts, goals and futures, we can begin to lay a path toward greatness. If we are stuck in the victim mentality, then we always leave our fate at the hands of others.

Self-management expert Carol Gerber Allred, Ph.D., author of Positive Actions For Living, offers this insight into self-management:

Whether we realize it or not, we are all managers responsible for our own resources. Every one of us has resources of time, energy, talents, money, possessions, thoughts, actions and feelings that we need to manage. We feel good about ourselves when we manage our resources well.

Here are a few fundamentals to review about self-responsibility:

We are responsible for our own actions. No matter who tries to sway us or encourage us, in the end we are completely responsible for everything that we do. When acting out in any form, know that you are responsible for the positive or negative outcome that results from your action.

Blame need not exist. Blaming another person is a seed of the victim mentality. Blame allows people to avoid taking responsibility and action. When we are productive and responsible, there isn’t any issue of blame.

Give up the guilt. By being responsible, we are bound to make decisions that won’t always be the “best” or “correct.” That’s all right. It’s better to make mistakes and learn than it is to blame and stall.

Your Turn: Take some time to think about the role of responsibility in your life. Are you responsible? If the answer is No, think about the areas where responsibility lacks. Choose a strategy to try and reinstate responsibility.

Your Affirmation: I am responsible for my life, my choices, and my thoughts.


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  1. Recently, I went through 7 weeks of recovery from oral surgery. During the middle of this time I became selfish and self centered. I could see this and I hated it. This is not me…but at the time it was. The oral surgeon was a difficult personality and
    treated me so badly at one procedure…he had to call on a Saturday and apologize for his manner. At one point, I could get no one to address a swelling on the other side of my face from the original site….I was told it was a ental problem. Both dentist and orgal surgeon were out of the office. I finally took charge and went to the hospital ER. Where after their call to the doctor forced him to be more responsible. Also they descovered a cyst on my thyroid. I had finally shook off the me, myself and I. We are all fightly a hard battle….even the doctor. I went into a mild depression after I got better …being sleep deprived. I am responsible for me…as said above ….all decisions, etc. It is very scary to be responsible…but it is necessary. Yesterday, I went to the hospital to have a ultrsound on the cyst!!! Here’s to good results!

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