Good Morning! Give Yourself A Positive Inspiration Today

Around the Corner: What a beautiful name, {Insert Your Name Here}. {Insert Your Name Here}, you are fabulous. {Insert Your Name Here}, you are one of the most creative, talented people we know. {Insert Your Name
Here}, lots of people love you. You are smart, beautiful and intelligent, {Insert Your Name Here}. {Insert Your Name Here}, we enjoy working with you.

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How did it feel to start your day by reading that paragraph with your name in it? I found I had a smile on my face!
Starting our day with affirmations and positive statements puts us in a positive mindset for the day ahead. I met with a group of women in Orlando a couple of years ago. We were discussing how important the Good Morning newsletter is to them and how they rely on it for a positive start. We were also discussing what to do with all of our favorite quotes.
A few ideas I wanted to share:
1. Type up your favorite quotes or write them neatly. Take them to a copy shop and have them laminated or purchase self-laminating paper at an office store. Read through them each morning to get your day off to a great start. Pick on to carry with you daily.
2. Consider putting your favorite quotes as wallpaper on your
computer or a screen show so they change regularly throughout the day.
Your Turn: Are you regularly using positive affirmations that “speak” to you? Start a quote collection to inspire and encourage you.
Your Daily Affirmation: I take time to nurture and encourage myself with positive words.
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